Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Vampire Diaries: Morgan To Characterize Klaus

It appears that followers of 'The Vampire Diaries' have at long last got their desire as British actor Joseph Morgan has been picked to play the role of Klaus- the evilest of the show's vampire roster. Morgan will make his first emergence on the hit show during the April 21st episode, and even if it may seem a very distant advent at the moment, it really is not.

After next week's episode, the show will go on a mini hiatus and will resume on April 7. But not every one got their wish with Morgan's casting on the show. Daniel Gillies, who has been doing an meritorious job in the role of Klaus' wicked nemesis Elijah, wanted to be joined byaccompany an actor like Deadwood's Ian McShane.

 The Vampire Diaries' executive producer Kevin Williamson's inside story turned out to be correct, as he had been indicating for quite some time that a fresh, young face will be casted for the portrayal of Klaus' character. In December 2010, Williamson's tease was also echoed by the other executive Julie Plec, who had also brought to light that at least a few hundred actors had auditioned for the part. Plec had said that the potential of an unknown face is what excites the production team the most, as it gives them a multitude of new possibilities to exploit Klaus' allure and gravitas. According to Williamson, Klaus' ability to instil fear in his co-characters and the audience will be the most significant trait of his personality.

Morgan has TV shows 'Doc Martin' and 'Hex,' plus movies 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World' and 'Alexander' to his credit. He also played the lead character in last year's miniseries 'Ben Hur.' His depiction in 2008's 'Mansfield Park' suggests that he is more than adept of playing the Old world characters. Fans would definitely want him to play the role a bit reclusively, which will go well with the usual snarky attitude of Klaus. With production work on new episodes set to start in a short while, let's hope the colorful nature of Klaus and Elijah would bring the best out of both of them.
By: Arthur Vanderblum